Stacie McChesney


adventure + travel // Joshua Tree, California

It's my good friend's birthday today. While talking with him on the phone, I was reminded that I had spent last Halloween at his incredible homestead in Joshua Tree and had never posted any of the photos I took from that trip. A group of us had headed out to camp on his property and picked up so many groceries on the way that poor Ryan was buried in the backseat! We had such a blast that weekend that I have very few photos to show for the trip - sign of a good time! 

The desert has a subtle and quiet beauty that I have only come to appreciate later in life, always gravitating to forests, mountains, and rivers instead. The Joshua tree is the real scene stealer in this particular desert with the most beautiful and unique silhouette. When the sun sets, it's best out here to look in the opposite direction because the horizon creates the most incredible pastel colors. With the golden sun against the Joshua trees and the pastel horizon behind them, the landscape stuns you to silence and makes you take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty before you. 

Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Jim. Hope you have an amazing birthday today and that we get to celebrate together soon!