Stacie McChesney


adventure + travel // Seattle, Washington

Bret and I took an extended weekend to Seattle to visit a good friend of ours who Bret has known for years. Shane had asked me to help shoot a wedding with him and I jumped at the chance. Not only because Shane is an incredible wedding photographer and so fun and easy to work with, but also because Bret and I have been wanting to visit him at his home in Seattle. What a fantastic trip in so many ways! We hiked, went boating on the lake, took a swim, ate great food, talked shop, geeked out on photo books, and simply had the greatest time. 

Having never really spent much time on a boat, this trip made me fall in love with being on the water. It's so peaceful and freeing. Growing up close to the pacific coast and vacationing at lakes since before I can remember, I've always loved water and know intimately the sense of calm it can provide. But this new experience of boat life has me smitten!

Thank you, Shane, for hosting us in your home and introducing us to Seattle. Next time we hope Lindsay and Dax are in town too!

*Photos of Shane jumping off the boat, and he and I swimming in the water were taken by my super talented husband, Bret Hartman.